Can You Use Dysport for Lip Lines?

Learn about using Dysport for lip lines: what it is, how it works & how it compares with Botox.

Can You Use Dysport for Lip Lines?

A lip somersault with Dysport or Botox can amplify your natural shape and lips, while giving them a natural look. In addition, this treatment will help to soften the small lines that may form around the upper lip and contribute to the appearance of aging. Botox-type cosmetic injectables are widely known facial rejuvenation treatments that provide surprising results. However, when it comes to upper lip lines, Botox is more favorable than Dysport treatment, as it works better on smaller areas, such as the lip.

If you're more concerned about forehead wrinkles, Dysport is your treatment of choice. Dr. Fechner can dramatically reduce wrinkles between the eyebrows (“number 11” or frown lines), on the sides of the eyes (crow's feet), the horizontal creases of the forehead, the upper lip, and even the cords of the neck. Fechner uses one of the smallest needles available to help its patients achieve an impressive reduction in wrinkles with a series of quick and relatively comfortable injections.

As an experienced specialist in facial aesthetics, Dr. Fechner is a highly sought after professor in this field at plastic surgery conferences in the United States and abroad. In Boston and Worcester, he teaches Harvard and UMass residents and fellows his advanced plastic surgery techniques to residents and fellows. Fechner likes to complement his surgical treatments with non-invasive injectables, such as Dysport and fillers, which extend the durability of surgery or delay the need for invasive facial rejuvenation.

So-called dynamic facial wrinkles are the result of an involuntary contraction of the animation muscles. Our skin folds in predetermined lines repeatedly, sometimes hundreds of times a day. Over the years, the texture of the skin changes and wrinkles take root on the surface of the skin. In addition, because of these frequent muscle contractions in certain facial areas (forehead, around the eyes and mouth), muscles often go into a state of spasm.

Women are often bothered by wrinkles on the upper (and sometimes lower) lips. These “smoker” lines are the result of pursing your lips, such as when kissing, drinking from a straw, or smoking. This repeated animation of the lips due to the contraction of a circular muscle around the mouth contributes to aging (changes in the mouth). Fechner has honed the art of Dysport injections over the years.

It usually takes two to three days before you notice an improvement. Fechner explains that the result “will be quietly noticed for the first few days, but the full effect may take 10 days to manifest” and his experience is that Dysport works a little faster than Botox. Like Botox, Dysport focuses on dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles that appear after muscle movement. Botox also tends to stay close to the injection site when administered, while Dysport can quickly migrate to other areas.

Meanwhile, Botox has a higher molecular weight compared to other types of neurotoxins, making them more precise and effective at targeting smaller areas, such as around the eyes and upper lip. Injectable fillers add volume to the lips, while Botox Lip Flip injections relax the muscles so they naturally move upwards to create an illusion of plumper, fuller lips. There is no doubt about immense popularity of Dysport and Botox injectables for cosmetic treatment. But between Dysport and Botox, which one works best as a lip augmentation treatment for upper lip wrinkles? Both injections are effective as cosmetic injections but due to differences in their formulations, Botox is used more for lip lines and wrinkles than Dysport.

In addition, since Botox has a larger molecular size than Dysport it may mean that it has stronger muscle relaxing properties. Avoiding NSAIDs such as Motrin or Alleve before and immediately after treatment with Dysport will help you avoid bruising but if bruises appear they will completely disappear within a few weeks depending on how quickly your body heals. From correcting facial wrinkles and treating crow's feet and forehead lines to lip enhancement, use of botulinum toxin-type injection has helped many people rejuvenate their appearance and achieve their best look. Fechner's experience has been that Dysport takes effect a little earlier and can last a week or so.

A vial of cosmetic Botox can contain 50 to 100 units of botulinum toxin while a vial of Dysport can contain 300 to 500 units of substance when injected into desired treatment area they prevent nerves from sending signals to muscles which in turn helps them relax reduce dynamic wrinkles and soften facial lines. With Dysport injection you may start to notice improvements 24 to 48 hours after procedure while Botox may take at least a week to take effect multiple units of Dysport may be needed to match effectiveness of Botox unit as muscle relaxant.

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